Folks, I woke up this morning thinking:

How sad it is that many are returning to the original concepts recognizing that the Bible is an Ancient Near Eastern historical account of Israel and Almighty God. However, we are returning, dragging with us division, self serving-prideful arrogance and a lack of wisdom. The information that Rico, Dinah, Ryan and Joseph Good presented clearly demonstrated the danger of being a shattered people as opposed to a unified people.
In essence, we are saying to Abba, Father, to ALMIGHTY GOD “Thank you for opening the books, now get out of our way”…..
We are many, many times no different than Aaron’s two sons who were killed for doing it their way…

The Treasures of the Temple Course showed just how we are under indictment because we are truly “Wiping Our Rear Ends” on the written authority of the KING. We have no idea, truly no idea concerning the magnitude of disrespect before the King!…

This course will show to you the legal precedent that we are completely, totally and with great ignorance parading before Almighty GOD. I am stunned at what I had no idea about

To not have an interest in this material is (because YOU do not know any better [like I did, had no idea]) is the equivilent of saying, “Jesus fulfilled the law.”

Believing this is no different than saying, “Satan, you have complete authority over what I believe!”

I will be purchasing this and doing a home study as soon as am able to afford it for those interested…..




I have not begun to promote this people. You will more than likely get sick of me before I am done!

Treasures of the Temple Course 102
Treasures of the Temple 102 Conference DVD set includes approximately 24 hours of video teaching recorded live in Orlando Florida and the accompanying workbook. It features teachings by Rico Cortes, Dr. Dinah Dye, and Joseph.…

Lastly, when Christians say to one another, “Those Hebrew Roots people are nutty” Honestly, can you blame them! We have become no different than the 60,000 denominations!