Before you read this, while writing this I kept hearing in my spirit, “My people are not racial people but rather worshiping people!” Take it for what it’s worth

I requested “FRIENDS” with Sarah Liberman who has a new CD entitled “Lefanecha” meaning
I Am Before You.

I have ordered a 2nd CD having been gifted a first one via a friend.

You may be asking yourself, “Now, why is he writing about this on his blog?”

Well, let me tell you a story.

A friend (Dr. Russ Houck) encouraged me to re-read Isaiah 60 about a year ago. As I was reading this chapter I begun to see the nations bringing wedding gifts to Israel as the people of God returned to the land. The verses came alive to me. I have written about this particular chapter on many occasions. I could almost feel the promise of God concerning his bride, Israel being celebrated in a time when the nations understood what Israel (and all who are grafted into this nation truly is or is soon to be.) God said that the nation of Israel will be a light for the nations. There is no power in creation able to stop this conclusion to the story of the children of Jacob.

Anyway, I was going thru the various songs on the CD, listening to the worship in Hebrew sung by a daughter of Israel, Sarah Liberman. When track number 9 begun to play, I broke up into tears! The Spirit of Abba, Father, draped over me as I listened to this song. Hard to explain but, I trust many of you will understand. Now, whenever I play this particular track something happens in my spirit.

I first heard of Sarah Liberman via Scott Bell, owner of Worship and Word Radio an Internet based worship radio station or Scott conducted a short interview with Sarah Liberman. So, I went to her site wondering who is she? Shortly thereafter, I received the CD, (Thanks Scott) played it and thought, okay LORD, this is worship!!!
[Wawradio hosts my show as many of you know]

So today on a whim, I sent a brief note to Sarah Liberman via Facebook. Here is the response (Perhaps from Sarah or her people?) “Praise the Lord, if you want to know more about it (this specific song is special) go to and read the behind the scenes section, you might be surprised.” Well, I was surprised!

So, I go back to the site, here is what I read (copied and pasted)

Raui Haseh – Worthy Is The Lamb

A few years ago when I started my journey of full time worship I secretly asked the Lord to show me the sound of heaven. I wanted to know what it sounds like. I realized that as a human on this earth, I could not create or experience the full breadth of the sound of heaven, but this was my hearts cry. I wanted to know how to worship God fully, in the way he is worshipped in heaven. I did not dare tell anyone that this is what I was asking God for. One day a group of people from Poland came to my regular worship watch atop Mt. Carmel (in the Carmel Congregation Sanctuary). Not knowing anything about me or this secret in my heart they prophesied that I would bring the sound of heaven to earth and that sound would rise back up to heaven from earth. I was dumbfounded. How could these people know what was in my heart? At the time all they heard was me, one voice and a keyboard. I continued to ask God what heaven sounds like. One day I heard this melody, it was not a song with words, it was just this joyous melody. As I sat at my keyboard to find it, I begun to sing the chorus of this song. It was a variation on a text the disciple John tells us is sung in heaven, in the book of Revelation chapter 5. Later as I sung this chorus I felt God sing the words from Isaiah 60:1 over me and when we first sung this chorus during a worship night I started it out with this call from Isaiah – Arise and Shine for your light has come. I was on a quest after God’s Glory and this was one of the milestones on this road. After that point whenever we would start this song with the melody, it would always erupt into a beautiful spontaneous sound of many voices all singing and worshipping the Lord. This is how the track on the CD starts, with the melody I heard and our human voices interacting with this sound. I knew that in heaven every tribe and every nation are represented and so, I wanted to reflect this in the track. I added an ‘international chorus’ to the song. Just before that you hear many voices calling out declarations about God and about Yeshua which is what is going on in heaven – a great multitude calling out and worshipping our king. In the international chorus you hear several voices overlapping: there is a Hallelujah chorus, worthy is the lamb sung in Korean, in Dutch and a line sung in French saying: The Honor and Glory and Praise. Finally at the very end of the track, as we sing: ‘Here he is, Here is comes, the King of Glory” you will detect the sound of thunder. I have not been to heaven so I do not know what it sounds like, however all these elements appear in the book of the Revelation of John and thus provide us a glimpse of what we can create on earth to pattern the sounds of heaven. More on this in an upcoming Blog post and the description of another song of this CD called: Achat Shalti – One Thing.
Ya gotta love the “Kids of the Kingdom!”

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