“How do you share the unbelievable with people? Well, since 2007 I have written a blog, authored a book, been invited to speak, done numerous radio and television interviews. I discovered the Internet, Facebook etc, etc. The world opened up to me! I have met some of the most amazing people the world over as a result. I have had to learn a few things and unlearn a few things. I have had many arguments, made many mistakes and at times been remarkably arrogant all because I am trying to share what happened in 2007.”

Jeff S. Morton

Restoring Children International (Peru)

Adonai Tsevu-ot has birthed into my spirit a desire to be a part of, to support however I can,

and to share what is in my head with those wanting to hear more in PERU

A weekly show that seeks to examine the culture, context, and language of the Bible
from the perspective of the ancient world.