Rescued Kids, Peru

by | Jan 25, 2018

Peru is the oldest country on both the North American and South American continents.  I did not know this prior to journeying there in early 2017. I was invited down to visit an orphanage.

I found instead a home full of girls who were far removed from many of the abuses that caused virtually all of them to be in this home. I saw a household of kids doing chores, going to school, doctor’s appointments, and learning about Almighty GOD through the retelling of the Gospels and learning TORAH.  I saw what was needed to feed, clothe and provide for girls ranging from 4 years old to 18. I thought, how does anyone raise 20+ girls?

Restoring Children International is doing this with literally what generosity provides, and prayers raised up every single month. This home is a house of prayer and these girls are being exposed to an eternal reality far different from the abuse that greeted most of them in their young lives.

Please help, your donations go directly to the Non-Profit (Not ME)