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I have known Rico Cortes for just about ten years. I met Joseph Good, according to him in 2009 during a presentation that he made in Portland, Oregon. Joseph Good’s recall is extraordinary so I accepted his time frame thinking we had met earlier. Of course, Dr. Dinah Dye is my co-host for our weekly Internet broadcast of Returning To Eden. I have known of Dinah Dye for ten years having the good fortune to meet her about four years ago also in Portland, Oregon. I met all three via the LOVE FOR ISRAEL conferences presented by my very, very, good friends Hank and Marilee Hobson.

Before I attempt to share with you how this trip has impacted me it would be inconsiderate of me to not mention the excellence in hospitality shown to well over 80 people who also attended the course. The hotel staff at Staybridge were exceptional. Nathan Grapes and I were upgraded to a double suite upon arrival with no explanation given. This was completely unexpected but extremely welcome as we enjoyed four days comfortably living in a small two bedroom apartment complete with kitchen and separate full bathrooms! [I have more to say about this a few paragraphs ahead]

Rico Cortes, his wife Yolanda and two sons along with a host of friends and volunteers treated all of us like royalty! I have for many years appreciated Rico Cortes however the care, considerations and hospitality, not to mention information presented to all of us is simply memorable. I saw a side of Rico at home, in his environment. He invited us into his world as though guests into his home.

During the course Rico shared a bit of his childhood years. I could feel what he shared. His memory was almost tangible, too familiar to those of my own childhood. My eyes welled up as he recalled some of those years. Knowing Rico for ten years affords me the opportunity to see how he has grown. I think this man is remarkable. It is a personal honor to call him my friend.

The Course

Ryan White

Have you ever been made aware of information that you did not even know how to ask about? Better yet, have you ever found out things in the Bible that would have never crossed your mind to consider? The Treasure of The Temple Course presented to me on a personal level a door that I didn’t know existed. Being filled with concepts and theories is one thing. Presented with concrete, historical, and excavated proof is quite another!

The course offered an entirely different way to consider the Priestly functions mandated by GOD almighty. In addition, I have a profound but, different respect for the care taken by the Jewish Rabbis to preserve information. I can wholeheartedly admit, as a direct response to this course a different appreciation for the Orthodoxy within Judaism.
With this being said, the absoluteness to study, less certain bias and preconceived attitudes is now pivotal in my approach to who the teachers of the Torah are. I cannot nor do I wish to attempt to explain certain details presented. I have to and want to research a body of information so as to not infringe on what has been studied, protected, and under great assault for millennium. Suffice it to say, whilst shredding certain biases and recalcitrant positions I left Orlando with a sobriety in spirit that I have not experienced.

My GOD what have we done to the commandments and legality that is demanded of the House of the LORD?

I purchased Joseph Good’s book, “Measure The Pattern” where Mr. Good reviews several scholars, archaeologists and historical excavations as a starting point beyond the course. I marveled at the many discoveries that he personally has made concerning the Temple of Israel that are now accepted via the Temple Institute. I had previously met Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute by way of a handshake and introduction simply because, we were in the same place at the same time.

Dr. Dinah Dye, Rico Cortes, & Joseph Good

I started reading “Measure The Pattern” volume one  almost immediately with a good time spent moving through the pages on the flight home. The Court of the Priests, Court of the Women, Court of Israel, not to mention the Azarah, the entirety of Beit haMikdash unfolding before me unlike anything previously. A mere glimpse was afforded to me this weekend (all of us really) a door opening that I did not know was required? I had heard of and remember a cursory study of the writings within the Mishna, the Tosefta, certainly the Talmud both the Bavli (Babylonian) and Yerushalmi (Jerusalem) but had I actually, physically studied from them? Not really!

Certain attitudes vanished this weekend. I realize now that one almost has to be acquainted with these writings and commentaries if you would even dare to open the Bible in the first place. The Bible is an ancient book full of the writings of Jewish people, duh! I focused on the writings of Josephus primarily. I realize now that his writings and those of Rabbi Akivah Ben Joseph are certainly not alone in what is recorded. How short sighted we can be is staggering. Moreover, not knowing who to study can be discouraging. The course took care of this issue for me….I simply had no idea?

Dr. Dinah Dye & Jeff Morton

Ezekiel 43:10-12 “You, human being, describe this house to the house of Israel, so that they will be ashamed of their crimes. And let them measure accurately. If they become ashamed of all they have done, show them the elevation and plan of the house, its exits and entrances, all its details and decorations, and all its specifications, its design and its Torah. Sketch it for them to see, so that they can observe the entire design with its specifications, and carry them out. This is Torah for the house: the whole surrounding area on the mountaintop will be especially holy. This is Torah for the house.”

I did not want to have a long, exhaustive post here. I certainly am not qualified to do much more than this, believe~ you, me! (idiom folks) However, this will change in the course of time & study.

*This is the third course complete with certificate presentation that Rico Cortes has presented in Orlando, Florida. For more information or if you would like to attend the next one contact Rico via his website listed below

About the trip to Florida 

About two weeks before my flight Delta Airlines upgraded the flight to non stop. I no longer had to change planes there and back. Upon arrival the hotel desk clerk (Staybridge Suites, Orlando, Florida) said, “Your room has been upgraded to a two bedroom with kitchen and living room suite.”  Upon checkout someone had paid the entire five day reservation, Huh, Really?

I explained, their must be some sort of mistake. The desk clerk (not the same one) checked my reservation explaining, “Nope, manager’s note reading, No Charge as he peered away from the computer screen, Huh? Really? 

None of my closest friends knew anything about this including Rico…hmmmmm? 

Who ever responded to do such an incredibly generous gifting for me (and Nathan) I cannot thank you enough 😎 Moments before the flight took off on the return trip I teared up, seat belted in my chair reflecting on the entire blessing this trip turned out to be. I am overwhelmed, truly overwhelmed.

When Nathan Grapes and I arrived at the airport dreading the fact that we both had to sit in the middle seats for five hours and 45 minutes back to Seattle~(aaargghhh!) Now, we didn’t book our flights together and both were upgraded. Imagine how surprised we both were when they called our names at different times before boarding asking, “Your seat has been changed to the isle row, is this okay?

What Rico Cortes does in his backyard, namely Florida with his wife Yolanda in order to present these courses is memorable. I shall never forget the hospitality, the food, and the information that we received. I will never forget this experience! What I am now challenged with further, confirms for me reason enough to study and to learn about the GOD of Israel and the Messiah. Learning about the temple is quintessential if one is to learn anything at all