So, what if how we have understood the Garden of Eden has been wrong? What if the restoration of all things is happening at the beginning of all things, would you be interested?

Dr. Dinah Dye’s 2nd book in the series, “THE TEMPLE REVEALED IN CREATION” is heading to the press

I can assure you that hours and hours of researched material is included in, “Priest and Kings”

Nearly 40 years of research, long hours in prayer with many, many inquires of the LORD answered (in how the 2nd book has come forth), this book is possibly the game changer of our time!

Moving beyond the, what if’s, have you ever studied the historical account of the nations born prior to the birth of Israel. How about the kings and the statutes, commandments and laws of those nations…..?

Let the time for restoration start in the Genesis account. Let us all Return To Eden.

Be blessed and know that the KINGDOM OF GOD is at hand………