I recognized something about Dr. Dinah Dye while she was speaking in Portland, Oregon four, or maybe five years ago. Dr. Dinah Dye does not rely on theology and doctrine when discussing biblical matters. What she does is sort of time travel a person back to the ancient world as if that person is now looking through a glass window at events unfolding centuries ago. I guess I would compare her approach to that of a tour guide walking a crowd of the curious through a museum or aquarium or perhaps even, a zoo!

Dr. Dye has chosen to walk those, who are in covenant with the GOD of Israel, or those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and savior back through biblical history one sentence at a time. Her website, ‘Foundations in Torah’ is full of information that is balanced, well researched, historically accurate and engaging for those who are connecting the TORAH and the Gospel accounts of Jesus and the Kingdom of GOD.

Her television ministry broadcast on Israel TV Network further connects the believer to historical information that helps reconnect much of the Christian world to the Jewishness of Jesus. Remarkably, Dr. Dinah Dye has an incredible ability to represent wisdom in the manner by which Proverbs 31 continues to echo through the centuries. Her humility softens her commitment to share a message intermingled with Jewish history and Christian concepts back to the Garden, the Garden in Eden.

I understand why she does what she does. For all of us the goal is to not be fallen but rather to be resurrected. Dinah Dye understand the eternal truth of redemption. Speaking with her on our last broadcast of, Returning to Eden, (our Internet based radio show) one of the goals of her books, possibly the one that musters the most passion is for the Christian world to read her work. Dr. Dinah Dye spent years serving in churches realizing most do not have the information that she grew up learning as a Jewish child in Canada.

When she accepted Jesus in the 70’s she was able to connect her Jewish learning to the life of Jesus in a way that most of the Christian world has not known. Hence, her journey began. For thirty eight years Dr. Dinah Dye has studied both the new and old testament as one book, one revelation about a Kingdom in the earth [that is behind the veil (?)]

Reading her books takes you behind the veil and into the Kingdom that Jesus inaugurated 2000 years ago which is here in this earth

Two of the books in her trilogy are on Amazon, the third book,

‘The Temple Revealed in Noah’s Ark’ is being written as I type this blogPodcast