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My eldest brother (retired Navy, 25 years) and Micah have become friends. Through a chance meeting in Montana between the two men I have now become acquainted with Camp Patriot. I was so appreciative of what my brother had to share having been to the camp that I did some research discovering what Camp Patriot is all about. How can you as an American Patriot not appreciate what Micah Clark has endeavoured to do? I love the idea of focusing on a person’s ability as opposed to disability, the core purpose of the camp. If ever there was a cause to put your money, your time, and your personal attention to Camp Patriot is certainly a top shelf, place of honor. I have every intention of visiting Camp Patriot and doing whatever possible to help promote and support what they are doing for our Heroes!

Remember, ‘If we do absolutely nothing, Absolutely nothing will get done!’


For Ryan Job, blind from wounds received in combat in Iraq, his successful summit of Mt. Rainier with Camp Patriot was a powerful demonstration that even without his sight he can surmount any challenge and continue an active life of outdoor adventure.

SEAL Teammate of Ryan Job

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