The one thing that I have come to understand with clarity is this, the Bible is full of patterns repeating one story. The story of GOD building a house, entering into a covenant with creation and, producing life. The story is revealed to all of mankind via the story of Israel. Hence, my growing conviction that Moses, in Genesis One, begins the account of the nation of Israel as opposed to the creation of the first man and the first woman.
I am not a scholar however, thank GOD for the scholars who are beginning to really address the totality of Moses’ writing methods within the cultural reality of his time.

Consider yielding the time it takes to watch all of the following:

Was the serpent a powerful King who removed Adam (who was a priest) and his house from the land? If this is true Adam’s house would have been scattered among the nations. Nations you say?

Enter the woman, Dr. Dinah Dye! In her new book soon to be released January 2018 Dr. Dye gathers together historical nations, historical events and historical people offering an intelligent if not, scholarship that agrees with much of what the men are discussing in our time!

Pre-ordering her 2nd book in the series, “The Temple Revealed In the Garden~Priests and Kings” is now available through her website, (Click Here). Women have this innate ability to make everything more human. Dr. Dinah Dye does just this adding to the discussion wisdom and common sense!

I think GOD is in the restoration 
business and he is starting in Genesis