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Every thing that we do is done under our company name, AJKM Productions

All speaking engagements, radio broadcasts and events whereby payment for services or products rendered or sold, fall under AJKM Productions Sole Proprietorship. The email address is uncoloringrace@gmail.com

Books published “Un-coloring Race, Black to Breisheet” is the only book published thus far “Women, The Crown Jewel of Creation”  is a nearly completed manuscript. I will probably never publish, “Politically INCORRECT on Purpose.”

Michele is sewing again! She was spurred on due to our youngest daughters pregnancy (Baby Cameryn is expected August 2016) Please visit Michele’s Corner on this website her email address is micheles1stimpressions@gmail.com

My blog is located at http://jeffmorton.blogspot.com

You can contact me by phone at 253 448-4777

Thank you so much for stopping by

contact me with any questions at (253) 448-4777 or email me at uncoloringrace@gmail.com

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