In July 2007 I went to a conference in Vancouver, Washington. The conference was called “Convergence Northwest” Then, Washington State Senator Joseph Zarelli and his wife Tani were bringing Christians and Jews together to just dialog, a convergence of two faiths if you will. While there I met a man who showed to me something extraordinary (For me anyway) that so rocked my theological world. I shook his hand, immediately upon doing so I received (for lack of a better description) a download whereby my view of everything biblical was radically changed. This person was Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries. I am sure he had absolutely nothing to do with what was poured into me in less than a nano second that day.

A month before this experience I had an encounter with YAHWEH who said, “Go Learn Why I Was Jewish!!” Nothing in my life has remained the same ever since!

How do you share the unbelievable with people? Well, since 2007 I have written a blog, authored a book, been invited to speak, done numerous radio and television interviews. I discovered the Internet, Facebook etc, etc. The world opened up to me! I have met some of the most amazing people the world over as a result. I have had to learn a few things and unlearn a few things. I have had many arguments, made many mistakes and at times been remarkably arrogant all because I am trying to share what happened in 2007.

Ultimately, I love people! I see the Kingdom of God coming and rebellion to what God is doing reaching a fever pitch. Nevertheless, people are serving others and the value of life still reason enough to do so. With death shadowing humanity everywhere, life is still why God did any of this. Therefore, this website, and everything in between is asking those of us destined for the Kingdom of God to share what it is that we are doing now; right now in preparation! That’s it, that’s all,

Nuff Said!


Jeff S Morton (253) 448-4777

To order my book: https://www.createspace.com/3486466

Thank You


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